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No Ordinary Girl

This is a guest post by Duncan Miller, the author and founder of Army of Us. The original post can be found here. I’ve started this post so many times, but I always come back to the same thing. You can only be described as exceptional when you spend every second of every day proving […]

An Uncommon Love Story

Every now and then, you hear a song and the lyrics strike you in a way that you takes you to a place, a memory, a feeling that you are hearing in a song something that exactly matches an experience you’ve had. When you are in love, you hear this in many of the love […]

The Strength of Our Bond

A very common thing happens to parents after having a baby. A very strong bond builds between the parents and their baby. Without thinking about it, the parents know they will do anything, including sacrificing their own lives, if it means that their child will have a better life. For most parents, this bond continues […]